Version 0.2 Available!

Hey everyone, we are updating the game with a lot of new features.

After the gamejam, we spent the month ( almost two actually) tweeking and pushing new features so we could feel how we believe the game should be. 

Now we finally have an initial build where you can play a full match with a start and end!

Yeah we know there still is a lot to change (hey keyboard controls, I'm talking about you) and we are still changing things up. Stay tuned for more updates.

Also join our discord channel and talk to us :3


General Features

-New character selection scene

-New menu scene

-New post Match scene

-Bots added

-Map design revamped

-Player Statistics added

Gameplay Changes

- Ammo amount  changed to 3

- Player max hp changed to 3

- Player life set to 3

- New Charged Shot

- Post dash invulnerability time reduced to 1 second

- Character movespeed increased

- Aim and movement are no longer bound together. Now you can aim using the mouse or right stick on controler.

- Added info on a circle around the character.


F4W 0.22V 85 MB
Sep 12, 2019

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