A downloadable game for Windows

Samsara is an Infinite Runner without obstacles where you control a character and go through all his life.

Press space to play.


Atelie Xinela (instagram

Monastereo Music Studio (email )

Developed by:

Atilla Gallio - Game Design, Programming - site twitter 

Fabio Senna - Game Design, 3D Art - 

Guilherme "Uberaba" Silva, Game Design,  2D Art - instagram

Gustavo "Mut" Guimaraes - Game Design, Programming- twitter instagram

João Pedro "Cid" Valença Santiago -2D Animation - site

Mariana  "Nana" Bittencourt - Game Design, 2D Art - site

Pedro Neder - Game Design, Sound Design & Soundtrack - email

Rodrigo Koshino, - GameDesign, 2D Art, 3D Art - instagram


Samsara Windows 38 MB

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