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Querubim Bar Apresenta: SÁBADO PRIME, a melhor festa da cidade!
Welcome to the best party in the world, happening only tonight!
Entrada Free até meia noite!
Free entrance before midnight!
Sábado Prime ™

~ Feito para fliperamas~

~ Made for Arcade Machines ~

Dose dupla a noite toda!

Double trouble, drink twice as many beers for the same price!

Chame seus amigos!

Invite your friends!

Flee from your annoying drunk friend.
Press your button to have fun!

Get close to your bro
Press yout button to say how much you like him


Sponsored by:

Ailin Linai - Game Design, Programming - 

Atilla Gallio - Game Design, Programming - site twitter 

Fabio Senna - Game Design, 3D Art - 

Guilherme "Uberaba" Silva, Game Design,  2D Art - instagram

Gustavo "Mut" Guimaraes - Game Design, Programming- twitter instagram

Isabella "ILL" Barbosa - Game Design, 2D Art - 

Mariana  "Nana" Bittencourt - Game Design, 2D Art - site

Rodrigo Koshino, - GameDesign, 2D Art, 3D Art - instagram


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